3D Jaw and Tooth Tomography

3D jaw and tooth tomography is an imaging method used when clinical or 2D radiographs of the mouth are insufficient to detect anatomical relationships or destruction caused by various diseases. These images, taken by radiologists, are an important aid in diagnosing diseases, determining the treatment method and the area where the treatment will be applied. 3D jaw and tooth tomography allows the 3D image to be transferred to the computer in a very short time by scanning the area that needs to be examined with X-ray rays. If the patient remains in a fixed position without moving during the scanning, it is possible to obtain accurate and detailed tissue and bone conditions.


What are the uses of 3D jaw and dental tomography?

The 3D imaging and tomography process, which is used in the evaluation of many jaw and dental diseases, is generally preferred for determining the position of the wisdom teeth embedded in the bone and their relation with anatomical regions such as vascular-nerve package or sinus cavities. In addition, it is an important aid in the detailed examination of the structure of the jaw bones in implant construction and in determining the ideal position where the implant can be placed while protecting the tissues in the mouth. While it provides the diagnosis and determination of the cysts or other pathologies that can be observed in the jaws, it is also useful in the planning phase of the treatment to be applied. If necessary, this method can also be used to examine the structure of the tooth canals.


What are the advantages of 3D jaw and dental tomography?

Radiation exposure in 3D jaw and tooth tomography is less than in other types of tomography. Reflecting the tissue relationships in detail is beneficial in eliminating various diseases and making the correct diagnosis. While facilitating the predictability of treatment results, it helps to protect the health of neighboring tissues at the maximum level.

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