General Maintenance

General care in dentistry covers all the procedures you need to perform routinely in order to protect your oral and dental health. Bacteria that are constantly active in the oral environment can cling to the rough areas on the tooth surface when adequate oral care is not provided, and may increase at a level that can cause disease by consuming the food residues there. In order to control this situation and to protect the continuity of oral and dental health, it is very important to periodically visit the dentists and routine oral care, which includes tooth brushing and flossing applications.


For general maintenance purposes, it is usually sufficient to carry out periodic checks every six months. However, the time between the control sessions can be shortened or kept longer depending on the condition of your oral health. Thanks to these controls, existing dental and gingival problems can be detected at an early stage, and future diseases can be prevented with minimal interventions. If the risk of various oral and dental diseases is determined beforehand, preventive applications can be made to prevent the causative agent from causing the disease.


Paying attention to the general care by giving place to periodic dental check-ups in your life allows you to maintain your oral health without the need for tiring procedures. It significantly increases the chance of lower cost and comfortable procedures to be among the treatment alternatives by helping to make the early diagnosis of the diseases that occur. At the same time, it is an important aid in controlling systemic diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases, which can be triggered by infectious diseases in the oral environment.

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