Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening (bleaching) treatments are procedures that provide the support of smile aesthetics by bleaching the tooth color. These treatment procedures can be applied alone or can be planned in combination depending on the current condition of the teeth. When it is desired to achieve a significant color change in the teeth in a short time, an effective treatment can be performed with office-type teeth whitening procedures. The number of sessions in this treatment, which provides a visible color change even in a single session is determined depending on the structure of the teeth, the color tone and the color to be achieved. In cases where the color change is expected to spread over time, the color tone is expected to be determined more controlled, the color of the teeth can be gradually bleached with the home bleaching method. In addition to these procedures, discoloration problems caused by root canal treatments can be treated with a single tooth whitening method from the inner surface of the tooth.


How do teeth whitening treatment processes progress?

Office type teeth whitening treatment; It is done by activating the whitening gel applied on the teeth under the control of the dentist with UV light or laser. At the end of the procedure, which takes an average of 1 hour, the difference in tooth color can be easily noticed. When combined teeth whitening is planned, the treatment can be supplemented with a few days of home bleaching.

When home-type teeth whitening treatment is preferred, personalized plaques are prepared with measurements taken from the patient. Whitening gels are applied into these plaques at the recommended dose by the dentist and are used daily for a few hours. With the use of the plaque for 4-6 hours daily, the treatment process is usually completed in 10-15 days.

In the treatment of color changes due to root canal treatment, the whitening gel is applied inside the tooth after the filling of the tooth is removed and the tooth is closed with a temporary filling material. When the ideal color tone is achieved, the whitening gel is cleaned and the permanent filling of the tooth is made.

After whitening treatments, minimal tooth sensitivity can be observed, but this side effect usually disappears within 24-48 hours. Two weeks after the treatment, in order to preserve the whitening effect, it is important to stay away from products that cause discoloration, such as tea, coffee, wine and cigarettes. With careful attention to the oral care routine, the effect of the treatment can be maintained for a longer time.

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